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What we do

The Global Music Foundation is a non-political, not-for-profit organization, formed in December 2004.

It runs a year-round programme of educational events, including workshops and performances, which enable all people, whatever their background, to share in the enormous benefits of music making. These involve students and professionals sharing knowledge and ideas; playing together; discussion groups and all manner of musical and artistic activities.

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The GMF believes that such events are an ideal way for people, whatever their background, to come together under the guidance of expert teachers to learn, listen and make music.

It offers an open and friendly atmosphere which embraces both oral and written traditions from all over the world.

The Global Music Foundation aims to provide a creative environment where musicians and artists can share ideas, knowledge, and experience. Learning and communicating together, with people of different backgrounds from all over the world, leading to cultural enrichment, understanding and the breaking down of barriers, for the benefit of all.

The workshops provide a balance of formal instrumental classes, group workshops and activities, discussion groups, audio and video sessions. Informal and spontaneous events are encouraged and there is a programme of concerts throughout the duration of the seminar. The seminar culminates with a final concert in which students and teachers participate.

The Foundation also runs special projects which are designed to bring improvisational music to a wider audience around the world.

What we do